What can you expect?

After an extensive intake interview in the Netherlands, the intensive programme will take place in Spain. The programme consists of five day parts (mornings) of individual counselling with a professional psychologist. The afternoons and evenings are free for lunch and relaxation/recreation. In the evening you enjoy a delicious fresh meal prepared by your hostess Angela with local products.

You can relax in the shady garden or on the beach, take a trip to one of the many historical attractions in the area, embark on a boat trip along the coast or take an inspirational walk in the Sierra Espana Regional Park.

The purpose of this programme is a thorough investigation into the dynamics of your ‘Self’. You will get more clarity about, for example, your attachment style, your preferred behavior and communication style, roles, talents, motives, defense mechanisms, learning styles, blind spots and resilience. You will be shown how to live more in the moment, how to take the “observational” position and make more conscious choices. You will learn how to interact more effectively with your (core) beliefs, convictions and emotions. This will render a feeling of more freedom and vitality in your day-to-day life.

Included is a workbook, which serves as a guideline throughout the programme and can be used as reminder afterwards.

The therapy will be tailored to your personal wishes and helps stopping unhelpful patterns that rule your current life. You learn to allow yourself more flexibility with regard to your life as well as that of others. Thus you adapt to circumstances more effectively. The various exercises help you to develop a new way of interaction with your environment and you will feel more connected with your authentic ‘Self’.

Aftercare and relapse prevention

During therapy, we teach you how to apply the acquired knowledge to daily life situations. At this point guidance is vital. We provide you with the right tools to realize this yourself later when you get back. After your stay in Spain, we help you to keep shaping your plans through two contact moments via mail and / or Skype. Should you wish so, individual sessions afterwards are optional.