You will learn more about yourself and what makes you tick.

You are juggling so many balls in the air at the same time. You feel like it never stops. Life is slipping through your fingers like sand. You are distracted, become irritable, you sleep badly and you do not get enough rest. This is the moment when intensive therapy can help you out.
One week away from your familiar environment. Reflecting on what is happening in your life together with a Work and Health psychologist. After this week, you are able to be more resilient and more balanced in new steps forward and/or in decision making. Being resilient is a valuable feature because it helps you to be proactive in changing circumstances and to stay successful in your work.

We were surprised

The lack of professional mental guidance for business executives has surprised us. What do we see? People who need to deliver high performance, for example in the sports world, have a mental coach with whom they get ready to overcome obstacles and thus deliver top performances. Not so in business, where the top position is a lonely place. Top executives are expected to solve their problems without any guidance. Considering mental support is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s learn from the approach of professional sports people and take some time to find out who you are, what your strengths and weakness are.

Our philosophy

We are convinced that our philosophy works. And it is simple: we offer high quality and undivided attention in a stress-free environment. We give personal attention to managers/officials who lack the time to see a psychologist on a regular basis. And moreover we share our knowledge and experience in the field of the functioning of the psyche. Stepping out of your daily routine and experiencing one week of professional coaching to put things right again. So you are able to get back to work afterwards with new insights and refreshed energy.

Our approach

Besides the use of methods that have proved their effectiveness and are evidence based, we feel it is important to check if a certain approach fits you as a person. We know that each person is unique and has unused potentials. Changing does not imply that you will become a different person. Changing is about getting clear what will suit you or not. Often it is not about solving problems in a traditional way, but more a matter of shifting the course in your life so that it is more consistent with what you value. That life feels more open and broader, allowing you to create a meaningful existence with more resilience.


I am a certified Work Psychologist. In addition, I am a Health psychologist (BIG registered). Apart from dealing with a variety of clients, I coach employees and entrepreneurs in a wide range of companies.
I help them to develop perspectives and especially to find the courage to really implement these perspectives. My main drive is to help you search for your inner strength and to mobilise it. I try to make you look at yourself, at your life in a different way. I want you to experience a new found trust in your own intuition. I will help you to use it in order to get in control again.


I am a certified Work Psychologist with specialization in Labor and Health. Furthermore I am a trained Cognitive Behavior Therapist. I support people who are in danger of dropping out from the work place. I love people and am interested in their objectives and obstructions. I like traveling, around the world, in books and in the soul. By looking through a magnifying glass at what is happening, you stand still. Standing still will create space and this in turn will stimulate creativity. You will discover new and other solutions, that will enable you to move forward.


After working for 30 years in international businesses, I started a university study in Psychology and graduated in Work Psychology (MSc). In my own work practice, I combine this previous business experience with the latest scientific knowledge in the field of work psychology. I am a good listener who likes to see tangible results. My focus is on reinforcement with regard to work-related topics with a specialisation in burnout treatment. With clients I enjoy discovering competences and qualities that they were not aware of before. Positive Psychology allows me to do just that: finding out how to improve your contribution in the workplace by using your full potential.